Update Your Property With Concrete Features

Providing concrete paving services in Bangor, ME and surrounding areas

N.S. Giles is your source for concrete paving services in the Bangor, ME area. Our paving contractor is the one to call when you need a parking lot, updated foundation or other concrete surface. Since we use advanced technology and top-tier concrete, we guarantee a long-lasting finish.

We meet and exceed all safety standards and specifications involving all paving projects. Our highly skilled paving crew, project managers, and field engineers offer unmatched paving construction. Our concrete paving incorporates high levels of safety, quality, and productivity. Concrete paving provides a more sustainable product because the integrity of the slab outlasts all other constructed methods.

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What can our concrete paving contractor do for you?

What can our concrete paving contractor do for you?

There's no job too big or small for our paving contractor in Bangor, ME. We've worked on large-scale projects, like airport runways, bridges and concrete parking lots, for commercial and industrial clients in the area.

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